3D for Development Entrepreneur


At AB3D, we believe in the power of 3D printing to change the lives of those living in poverty.
The time for 3D printing is now! Termed as a ‘disruptive technology’, 3D printing has the potential to impact many sectors of life, most applicably being industry and manufacturing. People now have the power to make products and build solutions at a localised level. Supply chain challenges can be a thing of the past with the adoption of this technology.
We imagine a future where our youth are equipped with this, and other, 21st century skills to enable them solve their problems and thus draft a brighter narrative for Africa.
To that end, we are seeking a ‘3D for Development Entrepreneur’. We are looking for a leader who will make this business their own, by furthering the vision, and driving AB3D towards sustainability. The Entrepreneur will take on full responsibility of the business and grow it towards a profitable and sustainable enterprise, with the intention of assuming the role of ‘Co-founder’ with a significant equity stake upon spin-out.
What you have to achieve:
• Your first few weeks will be spent working with our team to understand what we’ve learned and built to date.
• Your first few months will be rapidly iterating (product, business model, strategy, fundraising and partnerships) towards an executable and fundable plan.
• There will be few but specific milestones we will define together. Progress will be measured through these reviews, with the goal of achieving sustainability within the next 3 to 6 months.
• Monthly remuneration will be on a revenue share basis subject to the profitability of the business.
What we expect:
• Strong entrepreneur. You’ve taken a business from concept to reality, whether in a stand-alone venture or as part of a larger enterprise. Acting as an entrepreneur is the essence of the role, as success for AB3D requires turning an ambiguous goal into reality.
• Digital Dreamer. Even if you haven’t built technology products in the past (a plus if you have!) you appreciate the possibilities unlocked by a connected, digital approach. You are passionate about hardware and you are energized by the idea of creating a new type of innovative solution that leverages technology in ways that can result in changing of the lives of the people living in poverty.
• You have a solid understanding of pushing hardware tech products. You understand what it takes to take a product to market in a seemingly new and unchartered environment. You have the capability to set up and support an ecosystem that will sustain the growth of the business.
• You are empathetic and appreciate context. You must understand that just because a model works somewhere does not mean that it should work elsewhere. You must be able to recognise this and adapt your approach accordingly while quickly learning how to navigate through the Nairobi tech and start-up scene.
• Leader. You have experience leading and inspiring teams (and love doing it) and have a knack for storytelling.
We are very excited to hear from you. Kindly send us your cover letter and CV to info@ab3d.co.ke