3D scanning of hotel rooms


Hi guys, I found out that hotels are normally interested in 3d pictures of hotels so was wondering if there is anyone interested in coming up with a group and work on doing this.


Hey @peterokwara

This sounds like an exciting opportunity.

What setup is required to efficiently scan large rooms and facilities. Perhaps this is something we can build at Gearbox.

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Apollo Sande.


Can normal camera sensors be interconnected to achieve 3D photography by combining the images into an ‘object’?


@emmanuel yes they should be able to do it. Google normally have a rig that they use to do this. You can check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEPxlpjBYOo


At the moment I was looking at a buying option. Most 3D cameras go for around 35,000 ksh and 45,000 ksh. I am now looking at solutions where we build one, a camera rig, and the equipment needed.


Facebook provides 360 videos and photos which also could be good for social media marketing for hotels.


I wonder if making one can possibly achieve a cheaper ( than 35,000) but quality product.


It’s something I’ve actually looked in to, and a viable solution would actually require much more than just cameras, it would require LiDAR sensors as well. One of the cheaper solutions is Google’s project Tango phones, but normally any halfway decent scanners cost upwards of $1,000. Or if you’re up for the challenge, you could code an xBox Kinect to do something similar, albeit with a relatively lower resolution.