Design and manufacture of Milk ATM


Been very interested in the milk atms that even small supermarkets are equipping, and milk companies setting up franchise shops based on these milk ATMs.
Ive looked into their origin and costs, and there doesn’t seem to be any African manufacturer, while they cost about US$2500 for the standard size that i see in stores.
In short, i find it possible to manufacture them at a way lower cost and probably suited for our market.


Anyone else with the same opinion?


====>After thought====>
Nice perspective emmanuel.


@emmanuel Hello, i share the same opinion


Interested in trying out a prototype @denzel?


Yeah sure no problem, @emmanuel , you already have a work around?


Not sure what you mean by work around?


A sketch or something


In mind, almost complete sketch. Wouldnt be hard to put it down on paper though.


Awesome, am really interested since i come from a place where there is a lot of milk production.


Though i will have to dig on it since i don’t have a clear idea how they work


please allow me to come aboard… this is a really nice Idea @Emmanuel. Could you please give a layout of what you have envision so that we may collaboratively work on it?

you can share what you have. it may not be complete, but will give us a good platform to build upon it.
hey, who knows? it may become a great business


block diagram of a summarized functioning of the milk ATM


This is really nice. have you gone deeper on details of the various components (sensors, display, etc)?

  • What are the key things you need us to discuss?
  • What are the various project constraints? (Cost is of course the very first. we want the cheapest design possible)


On cost: we want the most reliable, not cheapest.
Key things to discuss:
Components to use, What to consider (among them: its milk, specific metals and plastics are necessary).
How deep ive gone: subcomponent levels, i.e. functioning and make of each component and why choose one among a group of components.


Great. So, do you mind posting the subcomponent design (schematic, mechanical design etc) that youve done so far so that we may have a base to discuss from?


I have looked into a couple of modules and made the above summary.
It shows preferred modules and their cost.

Other components not listed are:

  1. wheather to use arduino or ATmega chips, where both cost the same, Arduino is easier for prototyping but ATmega is more professional.
  2. It would be good to add a GSM module to transmit data to a database to compile reports and statistics.


first and foremost, let me say GREAT WORK! :clap::clap::clap:
I like the way you have done your work and summarized everything in the above presentation


Lets begin with the display.
I like the idea of having a progress bar. its really nice.
I have however wondered about the Two line Display, isnt it too small? I mean, the visibility even from a meter or so away by a passing customer who wants to know unit price - whats your take?

i have looked at this 7 segment display and it seemed large and really nice for showing numbers


I knew the progress bar would be awesome :sunglasses:
On the 7-segment display, despite the adafruit one being simple to plug and play, wouldn’t it be cheaper (and in my opinion, fun and do-able) to make the circuit from a seven segment display and a driver IC . this will greatly reduce the cost. Plus, i assume several lines of those will be needed. the way we have displays for: unit price; price; amount… at the petrol station.