Design Engineer at AB3D


At AB3D, we believe in the power of 3D printing to change the lives of those living in poverty.
The time for 3D printing is now! Termed as a ‘disruptive technology’, 3D printing has the potential to impact many sectors of life, most applicably being industry and manufacturing. People now have the power to make products and build solutions at a localised level. Supply chain challenges can be a thing of the past with the adoption of this technology.
We imagine a future where our youth are equipped with this, and other, 21st century skills to enable them solve their problems and thus draft a brighter narrative for Africa.
To that end, we are seeking a ‘Design Engineer’ to help execute this plan and implement this vision. We are looking for a young, creative mind that is passionate about designing ideas and realising them as realistic solutions. The engineer in you will be responsible for AB3D’s product development cycle helping implement ideas as solutions to problems while the designer will cater to all our customers’ needs so to give them what they want and need.
What you have to achieve:
• Your first few weeks will be spent working with our team to understand what we’ve learned and built to date, primarily the 3D printer itself.
• Your next few weeks will be spent understanding the potential of the technology amidst the market’s (customer’s) needs.
• You will build upon our work to create training curriculum that engages students and adults alike in design.
• There will be specific milestones which we will define together. Progress will be measured through these reviews.
• You will be in charge of driving demand for design services and education.
• After 4 months, you will be expected to cover your own costs through the amount of business you bring to AB3D.
What we expect:
• Creative Designer. You view the world through different lenses as you are constantly thinking of designing products as solutions to problems you see around you. You already boast of a cool portfolio that displays your creativity, versatility, empathy and understanding of simple but appropriate designs. Simplicity and appropriateness over complexity. You are proficient with design software and have a wealth of knowledge in at least one commercial-grade package.
• Maker and Techie. Along with your wicked design skills, you have a repository of products you have made in the past. You can share stories of how you fixed problems through something you built. You know your way around a workshop and can handle yourself around tools and machinery. You have experience with fabrication and are passionate about using your hands to prototype and even build out actual stuff. You may not understand all the technicalities of building a 3D printer (electronics, mechanics, and programming) but you are willing to learn.
You love tech! You keep abreast with technology trends. What you don’t know, you see as an opportunity to learn. The world you envision, advanced and developed, has Africa as a technology powerhouse.
• Visionary and Leader. You understand the challenges of joining a start-up but you can buy into the vision and thus are willing to put in the necessary work to get us there. Despite the risk, you are willing to work together in a young and energetic team to ultimately change people’s lives. Understand that you are not just a passenger riding along in the journey but a driver as well; you must be vocal about your ideas and be willing to stand by them.
• Critical Thinker. All you see around you is opportunity! You are in touch with the people’s needs and you can quickly listen, adapt and respond to the market’s needs. It take you almost no time to bring ideas to life. You understand design thinking or human-centered design principles and have some experience to show for this. You also apply this in your making.
• Lone Ranger who is also a team-player. You are responsible and trustworthy. You are able to work under little to no supervision and still deliver on what is expected of you. Nevertheless, you are a team player and are willing to teach others as you learn from them as well. You understand that you have skills to offer and you’re open to learn new ones. You are curious! You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and you constantly ask questions.
• Natural Marketer. You are a people’s person and are not afraid to put yourself out there. You are ready to drum up demand for the design skills you bring to AB3D. You are a great communicator and listener and are excited about teaching and spreading the word about the work that you are doing. You are also familiar with social media marketing.
• Winner. Enough said!
We are very excited to hear from you. Kindly send us your cover letter, CV and portfolio to