LED advertising


Im looking into video LED advertising,open to similar input and shared expense for some prototyping.
Feel free to post.

Evander Oswere.


Great idea @Oswere. Do you have requirements or a picture/video example we can use to begin discussions?


Hi,I need microcontrollers, preferably adafruit,a bit of PWM, some synthetic leather, a metal frame and some programming.I have a problem though sourcing video LED s locally. RGB strips can still do something interesting though. Heres a link, some help would be really great.


i had same idea ,but mine is virtual display like there is a control room in HQ but you set to display virtually in specific streets or towns or in space …this can be used in campaign by politicians or campus aspirants to reduce polluting the environment and since space for postas is limited.I wrote an email to dean Strathmore wen we met and i shared about it last year during a meetup at Kenya school of Govt and he told me he had been at google HQ presenting his project about virtual images like mine so @oswere i am passionate in that virtual display of images on streets.


That’s good food for thought @KevinKoech. I like the idea of centralized control and that application is very relevant.I think we should organize a meet up.


That would be interesting @Oswere.

You should find some partners to support the idea. Lots of commercial potential.


Hey Oswere. Please take a look at this module from Nerokas. It has 16*32 independent RGB LEDs, size 7.5" x 3.75" & can be stacked together to form bigger panels. https://store.nerokas.co.ke/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=rgb&product_id=1289


Cheers @ Martin. Its a great display, with a reasonable budget. Any


If you check www.merck-performance-materials.com you might find some expertise on liquid crystal and display technologies. We are market leaders in this space. Let me know if you find something interesting, I might link you up with people working on the display topic.