MedArm Robot:Smart Medical Gases Cylinders Loader/Offloader


If you have been once stationed at MGU (Medical Gases Unit) I am sure you will agree with me that offloading Medical gases cylinders from the truck and carrying them to stock as well as issuing to departments is a difficult procedure.

For the people delivering medical gas cylinders to hospitals,Biomedical engineers stationed at MGU and nurses who come to be issued with full medical gas cyli all face a challenge of transferring from one point go another.Offloading from truck and issuing out is a challenge of handling the full heavy cylinders.
Basing on that experience,MedArm Robot is a software controlled device which loads and offloads this empty and full cylinders out and into a truck .It will be affordable easy to use and makes work easier,efficient and faster.



Hello @Kevinkoech, would like to help in this project especially coz am in robotics. :slight_smile:

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okay @Cyrus appreciate

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