Modular add-ons that enhance smartphone capabilities - Jan 31, 2017


Beautiful concept for modular add-ons that enhance smartphone capabilities.

Can we create and submit a Moto Mod idea or generalize the concept for other smartphones?

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Going through the specifications of the moto mod to try get a grasp of it. Great idea so far, but will need to understand it better.


Can we have a blood glucose meter for the moto mod? Working principle of the meter is explained below.

Current glucometers use test strips containing glucose oxidase, an enzyme that reacts to glucose in the blood droplet, and an interface to an electrode inside the meter. When the strip is inserted into the meter, the flux of the glucose reaction generates an electrical signal. The glucometer is calibrated so the number appearing in its digital readout corresponds to the strength of the electrical current: The more glucose in the sample, the higher the number.


Hmm… I’ve been looking through their website, The idea is really great.
Here is a summary of existing moto mods(phone addon modules) i’ve found

  1. Hasselblad True Zoom - 10X optical zoom Digital camera add on module with xenon flash and physical shutter and zoom controls

  2. Moto instashare projector - turns any flat surface to a big 70" screen for your videos, photos etc

  3. JBL Sound Boost speaker - module that snaps to the motorola phone and gives a high quality stereo sound easily without any hassles of pairing or such

  4. Power pack battery - snaps on and instantly adds hours of battery life. Some versions support wireless charging


@cyrus - I suppose we can name it HealthLabKit mod
I think its a great idea.


Cool name @Michael, not good with naming things myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . Thinking we would add some more feature, or do we have it specific for diabetic persons?


Please take a look at this!