Open Source Architecture and Hardware



There is definitely no shortage of open-source stuff around here. But is there a common platform to share these ideas? Well the idea behind this topic is to share ways of doing that in addition to developing some chill open source culture around here.
Here are some useful ideas to think about:

  1. Types of Licenses and what they mean. Some examples are: Open Architecture License, GPL
  2. Good practices.
  3. Platforms for hosting architecture/ hardware projects which are analogous to Github or Bitbucket.
  4. Projects. Sharing experiences or just talking about some projects you’ve done or are doing. Any thing goes here.
  5. Workflow. Yes. Have some really cool workflow you feel the world should benefit from. Share that here. All ideas are welcome.
  6. Useful Resources. Ever read one of those things(or watched a video or attended a lecture… you get the drift) that made you super amazing at what you do. Share that here :slight_smile:

Some Useful Resources

  1. : A place to share your electronics projects. Other people can fork your work.
  2. : A Hub for Open Source Architecture & Collaborative Design projects