Precious Plastics Builders Meetup


Using the same motor to power multiple machines sounds like a great idea. We’d have to do some research into the specs required for the other machines (I haven’t looked at those yet), and of course, into some sort of “quick change” coupling system. Assuming you don’t want to use them all at the same time, that sounds like a great way to save costs.


The one motor to run them all is a great idea.


Thanks a lot @dalechristy, that makes:

Paul - KES 10,000
Dale - KES 30,000

We can afford a motor now, hoping to get a quotation for laser cut steel parts from Pipe Manufacturers today.


Interesting quick change coupling concept


Ha. I think you misread my post. My pledge was 20k to start which still puts us below our motor cost.

I might be willing to pledge more especially if we think we can get the motor to work on multiple projects.



Thanks again @dalechristy, reusing the motor is an important requirement.



Pipe Manufacturers have quoted KES 35,132.50 + 16% VAT = 40,753/= for all laser cut steel parts that form the main shredder body. This price includes steel.

So far:

Geared Motor = 35,000/=
Shredder + housing = 40,753/=
Bearings, bearing bosses & washers
forward reverse motor switch for 2kW motor


I saw this thread and had to sign up. I have been very interested in the precious plastic project for a while due to it’s potential in small scale manufacturing . I am particularly interested in possible use of fibreglass reinforced recycled plastic frames for greenhouses. I would like to be present to witness the build.


Hi @Njenga,


Stay tuned to the topic for updates - we are considering a re-design to reuse the motor, improving economics.

Feel free to share any details you can for community input. We have fibre-reinforced plastic enthusiasts in the forum.


Thanks. Tha’ts good to hear about fellow enthusiasts. I am also very interested in obtaining machinist skills. Does gearbox have a lathe? To be honest I am a bit shocked by the cost of the motors. Then again this is the price to pay for being a retail economy. What cost savings do can be achieved by manufacturing locally and small scale ? Is it feasible? (not for this immediate project but things like stepper motors for robotic applications)


Hi All
Just joing this group, I am happy to make the metal frame work at no cost for this project. Look forward to meeting with you all.


Hello @Njenga - Yes, we have lathe machines. Join us for lathe training on 7th October. Both Manual and CNC lathe training will be offered in that month. CNC lathe will require some CAD skills though. October training calendar will be published next week at


This is great news @rustyfundi!

Now we need community assistance with machine redesign for motor re-use.


Many thanks @rustyfundi! That means we’re covered for the frame, we’ve got a rough cost of the motor down to ~35,000 KSh, and I hear the laser cutting of the stainless steel is coming to ~35,000 as well. Add the electronics and other incidentals, and we’re looking at a total cost of ~100,000 KSh?

Unfortunately, this does seem to match what I’ve found digging deeper into the Precious Plastic project details. The rough costings provided with the videos don’t seem to match reality. Most people on this thread say their build has ran from 700 - 1000 Euros:

I think we can definitely get those costs down if we reconsider some crucial elements of the design:

  1. Reusing one motor to power multiple machines
  2. Using a smaller motor, depending on the type of plastic we want to be able to shred
  3. Using mild steel instead of stainless steel for the shredder knives

There’s a lot to reconsider here, so I think our next meeting (on the 17th) will need to be more of a design discussion than actually building the thing.


Yeah. I agree. The costs are getting high. Let’s meet up and see if we think we can redesign the other machines to run off of one motor.


Awesome, I believe that’s a solid agenda for this weekend’s meetup - to review the equipment and redesign for motor reuse …

Hopefully we can also inject some rigor into the process by adopting a structured approach


Meetup is this saturday, let meet to redesign and think through the models.


Hey, what time’s the meetup?


Hey Clement,

10:00am to 1.00pm.

See you then.


Thanks, see you then.