Programming atmega microcontrollers


I am moving (or is it advancing) from arduino to standalone chips, but finding it difficult to programme the micro controllers. I am really avoiding ready built AVR programmers/ Anyone with the know-how?



Hi Emmanuel, you are experiencing difficulty in programming microcontroller chips? I know there are many ways you can program microcontrollers. How exactly have you been programming your chip?

Secondly, If you want to escape using AVR programmers, you can also use arduino as programmer



I intend to totally skip avr programmers. I believe using arduino to programme would be a good way to learn more of the hardware. (And probably design a programmer in the process. )
About using arduino, im looking for a way to use arduino nano (or any other arduino whose chip cannot be removed.)

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you can use Nano to program your chip exactly the way you use Uno. The only thing that may change is the board definition in the arduino program.

1…Define arduino nano as the board of choice in “Tools > Board”

2…Select arduino ISP sketch in examples, upload it to the Nano,

3…connect the atmega328p you want to program on a breadboard as shown

4…Connect the Nano and your Atmega328p on breadboard as this
Nano pin 10 goes to pin 1 of the chip (Reset);
Nano pin 11 goes to pin 17 of the chip; (MOSI)
Nano pin 12 goes to pin 18 of the chip (MISO)
Nano pin 13 goes to pin 19 of the chip; (SCL)

5 V pins of Nano to the positive supply line of the breadboard;
Gnd of the Nano to the GND of the breadboard.

5…Select Arduino as ISP in “Tools > programmer”

6…Bootload the Chip by selecting “Tools > Burn Bootloader”.

7…Write the code you want to run on your chip and then holding “shift button” down, upload the sketch. your Nano will be used as programmer to program your circuit