Rapid response smoke/fire sensor


Ive been looking into cases of fire in schools in Kenya:
In almost all cases;
-dormitories totally burn down.
-there is very late response of fire and rescue team

  • some students in the dormitory fail to wake up/respond in time.


Funny enough, these schools did not have a working fire alarm. Probably because
-it is procedural and technical to install and maintain one.
-of vandalism


I therefore came to a conclusion that a suitable fire sensor for such a scenario should be:

  • Simple to install. Prefarably plug&play.
  • sensitive to signs of fire: smoke or smell of fuel. This should predict an intentional fire by a student pouring fuel to set the dorm ablaze.
    -it should incorporate rapid response capabilities: students in Kenyan highschools do not have mobile phones to alert authorities in time for a rapid response. The sensor itself should.


I therefore came up with a fire sensor to suit the above descriptions. Ill be presenting the prototype at the annual ASK Nairobi show (jamuhuri park) this week at the Multimedia University of Kenya’s stand.
Feel free to stop by for a demo, advice and critics, or to join for funding or development. Id like to develop it into an efficient high quality and competitive product.



This rapid response fire sensor can also be used in markets, homes and offices. Simply anywhere applicable.