Splashboard V 2.0 IoT


AH! Thank you. I do not know why i never saw that. Thanks alot!!


EDITED. Please check the most recent schematic above. I have just reviewed it


The schematic is looking good! :slight_smile:


Hi guys, so i have done a sheet to help us get more organised on the Saturday meetup. I know many may have questions on the various design concepts involved and so it is very essential to do concept verification before we move on to PCB design. Here is the DOC

Comments are welcome. In addition to this, i shall be sharing the Kicad Schematic files along with the Libraries and more materials to get us started on KICAD. I am aware that it has a very steep learning curve but its one of the best design softwares if you know your way around it. I shall briefly get us all started on it.



Hey @michael do we have everything we need for the Saturday meetup or how do we go about this? Looking forward to learn a lot :slight_smile:


hey Cyrus! great to hear your comment. I am working on sourcing the components - it shall be well


If you need any help will be grad to assist.


It was awesome bonding with you all at today’s meetup where we tested various aspects of Splashboard V2.0 Great learning and very productive time. Looking forward to PCB design and fabrication over the next few days.


Thanks for the facilitating the great meeting! Here’s the 12864 LCD connected using three wires, other than power connections:

The library used is u8glib: https://github.com/olikraus/u8glib .

I used SoftwareISP and connected RS(CS)-> C5, R/W(MOSI)-> C4, and E(SCK)->C3.


Hi oscar, This is great. Thank you so much for the great advice on the serial control. upon some research I realized that the Graphical LCD 12864ZW we have is based on ST7920 LCD driver IC which supports 3 kinds of interfaces :- 8bit interface, 4bit interface and the SPI interface. It will be really helpful to cut down the wires to three using the serial interface

Here is the technical datasheet for design details >> http://www.digole.com/images/file/Digole_12864_LCD.pdf


Morning Guys, here is the Kicad design files and libraries for the splashboard V2.0 >> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5vzjsNrE02POFJyRkJwcDA0VE0/view?usp=sharing

It is yet to be updated from satuday’s meetup. Thanks


To us the file, simply download latest version of stable KICAD software here >> http://kicad-pcb.org/download/
Once installed, navigate with your normal file explorer into the Splashboard Design folder you have downloaded, then double click the file with the extension “.pro” to launch the design in kicad automatically


Hello guys! now, the AD620 instrumentation amplifier chip could not deal well with low voltages below 1 volt as we noted on breadboard, i suppose we may have one of two possible solutions:-

1. we add a summer circuit( http://www.vias.org/feee/opamp_09.html ) prior to the AD620 Instrumentation amplifier to add a DC offset voltage of +1V DC to the incoming small DC signal in order to attain the required threshold for the signal to be amplified, (these modifications( amplification & offset) will be taken into account in the software, to have proper results)
2. we simply use a small non-inverting DC Amplifier based on 741 opamp http://www.radio-electronics.com/info/circuits/opamp_non_inverting/op_amp_non-inverting.php

I shall get back soon on directives of designing the splashboard 2,0 PCB. Thanks.
in the mean time, if you have come across any material on best PCB design practices, you can please share with us here. Any other related resources are welcome too


Hi guys, so here are the Ten Best practices of PCB design >>



i’ve found them handy!


Hello Guys, thanks for the info @michael, really help. I also found this useful

You can have a look, though it’s based on Eagle EDA.


Thank you too Cyrus!

I have made changes to the schematic following up on the tests done, recommendations we made and here it is:-

Here is the KICAD board design Link >> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5vzjsNrE02PVF9wSy1ValNtSWM


Hello Michael, I tried to open the board design on Kicad but it couldn’t open, what might the problem? Am using the Kicad 2013 release, could that be a problem too?:sweat:


Hello to you too, Cyrus. I’m really sorry for that. seems the problem is the version of KICAD you are using. The old stable 2013 version is not recommended for new designs, since there has been great software improvement between the old 2013 release and the new 2016 release. you can import designs made on the old stable version to the latest KiCad release, but you cant import designs made on the latest release into the old release.

Change the version and tell us if it works.



Could we enter Splashbaord V2 in this competition?




This is cool @AYSande We can participate in the contest.:slight_smile: